Holiday homemaker

This holiday season, I plan to take a lot of time out of my busy gift-buying (more on that later), exercise, and work schedule to put on my apron and bake massive quantities of sweets for my loved ones. I had plans to attempt this last year (in my tiny downtown kitchen with mini-stove and no storage space). Grand, grand plans that never came to fruition. I did, however, attempt and achieve baking what might possibly be the yummiest cookies in all the land, some scrumptious almond Sandies-type cookies from a Martha Stewart recipe. They were divine, and my family, friends and I ate them all up before I was even able to put the finishing touches on them.

This year, with a mightier kitchen, more storage space, and more money at my disposal, I’m going to try again to assemble goodie tins with enough crap (good crap) to cause heart attacks and cavities. Here’s a list of some possibilities:

  • almond cookies again, this time with finishing touches
  • divinity, a family tradition carried out by my grandma until her death. I’ve made it a few times since then, but this year I’m going to start it as a yearly tradition.
  • English toffee, aka homemade Skor bars
  • fudge, maybe?
  • chocolate truffles, preferably with booze in them
  • sugar cookies with peppermint frosting, mmm

Have any favorite recipes you’d like to share?


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