2006 – 04 – April

This month’s mix has a lot more to do with what I happen to be listening to than what I’m really like. A few tracks were snagged from a mix that Caitlin and Zach were listening to on our way to Sokol for the CYHSY show, a few were taken from a mix that a friend made me way back in the Fall, a few were stolen from when I was helping a guy friend formulate a mix to subtly convey his undying love for an old friend of his, and the rest were carefully (nay, painstakingly) chosen to round out the mix to go along with my mood lately. I AM NOT A MOOSHY, GIRLY GIRL. I just play one on LJ.

On to the music:

  1. The Brunettes – Loopy Loopy Love
  2. Jeffrey Lewis – The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song
  3. Jeff Mangum – I Love How You Love Me
  4. Modest Mouse – You’re the Good Things
  5. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away
  6. The Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
  7. The Elected – Fireflies in a Steel Mill
  8. Architecture in Helsinki – Maybe You Can Owe Me
  9. Belle & Sebastian – Like Dylan in the Movie
  10. Jenny Lewis – You Are What You Love
  11. Camera Obscura – The Sun On His Back
  12. Cocorosie – By Your Side
  13. Jens Lekman – Sky Phenomenon
  14. The Mountain Goats – Pure Love
  15. The Moldy Peaches – Anyone Else But You

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