What’s the deal with your domain name?

The short story is that when I was in 5th grade, I was in the school spelling bee. I made it to either second or third place, and lost it on the word “vinegar”. The long story is here. I bought the domain in 2000, which means I’ve been putting myself out there on the web in some form or another for 11 years now. Wow.

What kind of camera do you use?

I’ve got a Pentax K200D, which is a consumer-grade DSLR from a few generations ago. When I bought it, I was searching for something with the bells and whistles of the “Big Two” (Canon and Nikon), but without the elevated price tag. I also loved that I could use old film camera lenses on it. I’ve got a small passel of lenses for it, including a couple of reasonably fast portrait guys in 28mm and 50mm, and I still love it quite a lot. Every once in a while, I’ll daydream about the awesome photos I could take with a Canon 5D Mark II, but at this point, my little Pentax still outguns my skills, so I’ll stick with it until it doesn’t do the job any longer.

Iowa City? Where’s that?

Iowa City is the former capital of Iowa, until it was moved to Des Moines, a more centrally-located city in the state. Iowa City is in east-central Iowa, nestled at the intersection of Interstate 80 and the Avenue of the Saints. Yes, I know that Iowa is a flyover state, and therefore may not seem very interesting, but Iowa City is awesome! We’ve got a large public university here in town, and therefore we’re actually pretty diverse. Advocate even rated us the #3 Gayest City in America last year! We’re pretty great.

Who are these cats I keep hearing about?

Cosmo, Saffron, Kitty

From left to right: Cosmo, Saffron, Kitty

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