2005 – 05 – May

I’m going to relate tidbits for most of these songs, to make it less boring for you to read, dear reader.

  1. Tiny Cities Made of Ashes – Modest Mouse
  2. Big Trucks – Pedro the Lion
    [i’ve got several pedro the lion mp3s on my computer, yet i rarely get around to listening to them. i usually consider them to be music to slit your wrists to, but this one is fairly upbeat]
  3. King of Carrot Flowers 1 – Neutral Milk Hotel
    [during my time as a lowly rotation dj at KRUI, i received several requests from the dispatcher of one of the local cab companies, and one time, he called in the request for parts 1,2&3, telling me that i wouldn’t regret it, and to make sure i played them all together. i’ve loved them ever since, even if they have broken up]
  4. King of Carrot Flowers 2&3 – Neutral Milk Hotel
  5. Lost Girls – Tilly and the Wall
    [a tap dancer instead of a drummer! i’m in lust]
  6. Timebomb – Old 97s
  7. americanflagsandshoppingbags – Clancy Everafter
    [my friend clancy took a live recording of jeff tweedy doing the song below, and made it slightly rockin’]
  8. Ashes of American Flags – Wilco
  9. Girl Inform Me – The Shins
  10. Diagonals – Stereolab
    [probably my favorite stereolab song ever, and i’m not really sure why]
  11. Sugar On My Tongue – Talking Heads
    [take that, ludacris, you pansy ass motherfucker]
  12. Sweet Jane – Velvet Underground
  13. I Can’t Believe You – Tilly and the Wall
  14. Honestly – Zwan
    [i don’t care if it’s cheesy: billy corgan will always have my heart. i want to lick his crooked teeth]
  15. Season of the Witch – Donovan
    [favorite donovan]
  16. Whoever You Are – Geggy Tah
    [very appropriately came on while i was wrangling i275]
  17. September – Earth Wind and Fire
    [i seem to enjoy ending mixes with oldies-but-goodies. listen for the “yow!”]

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