My Daily Makeup

Now that I’m back at work, and have to be halfway presentable on a daily basis, I’ve had to get back into the routine of wearing a little something on my face so that I don’t look like a dead person moving about the halls of my building on campus. I’m still working out the kinks, but my morning routine is boiled down to 6 products, which take about 2 minutes to apply:

  1. First, I apply Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 15 Moisturizer right when I step out of the shower. I love wearing a facial moisturizer every day to stop skin damage, and I especially love how well this goes on and melts into my skin. It never feels heavy, and completely disappears under makeup. Perfect, I say.
  2. Once I’m ready to “do my face”, I use Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind undereye concealer. Some people might be skeeved by using the little self-applicating sponge over and over again without a way to clean it, but honestly, I only use it on clean, dry skin, so I’m not very worried about it. The sponge makes it easy to apply, and it’s got a nice smooth and creamy formula that doesn’t make my undereye area all papery. The flip-side to that is that it’s not super pigmented, so its coverage isn’t quite up to par with heavier-duty concealers. I’d say it’s a fair trade, though.
  3. Next, I apply the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind “foundation”. I put that in quotes because honestly, it’s almost more like a tinted moisturizer. Again, built-in sponge applicator, and again, not as pigmented as its regular counterpart. It’s almost like it has silicone in it, it’s so creamy and easy to spread around. I basically just smear it on the various regions of my face and then spread it around with my fingers. Super easy and quick to apply.
  4. The next item is the fanciest part of my daily routine: NARS blush in Orgasm. People say that this is the shade of blush that works for everybody’s skin tone, and they’re entirely right. I love this shit. It’s the perfect peachy-pink color, and it has little flecks of sparkle that’ll light you up without making you look like a raver kid. I apply this with a regular Sonia Kashuk blush brush.
  5. I’m still looking for “that mascara of my dreams”, but for now I’m using Covergirl’s LashBlast Volume waterproof mascara, based upon the endorsement of a YouTube beauty guru I follow. So far, I’m liking it but not LOVING it. The applicator wand is pretty nice, and the way it’s shaped means that I don’t accidentally poke the bridge of my nose and get mascara all over it. I’m still on the lookout, though. Gimme your suggestions.
  6. Lastly, if I remember before jetting out the door, MOROCCAN OIL. My bestie JoAnn, stylist of the gods, got me turned on to this stuff. I pour about a dime-sized pool of it into the palm of my hand, rub my hands together to spread it around, and then run my fingers through my hair to very lightly apply. Any oil left on my hands after applying, I just rub it onto any dry spots on my skin. This stuff is the perfect product for me, to keep my flyaway hair from getting all frazzley and gross, and it makes my wavy hair look nice without being weighted down. Plus, it smells soooo good. Sort of an herby floral scent, very understated. Whenever I remember to wear it, I always yell at myself that I don’t remember it more often. It’s magical.

Eventually, I know that Clare will be a little lower-maintenance, and I’ll be able to incorporate cuter stuff into my routine (real foundation! eye shadow! eyeliner!), but for now, this is working just fine. Keeping my routine short means that I get extra time to snuggle with her in the morning before I have to leave for work, and for now, I’ll take it!

What does your makeup routine look like?