Spring jacket lust

I hate shopping for clothes for myself. Especially if they’re expensive clothes, regardless of whether they’ll last me forever or not. The last time I bought a new coat was from Target two springs ago, seen below:

Current spring trench

My current spring-y trench coat from Target

This coat is cute, and it still works, I guess. I kinda want something bright and new for spring, though. Especially something in coral…

Soia & Kyo's Martha in coral

Soia & Kyo’s Martha in coral

Or maybe something a little slumpy and army-ish:

Penfield Summer Anorak

Penfield Summer Anorak

This guy by Vans from Zappos is pretty cute, although I can’t testify as to the quality of anything from Vans anymore:

Vans Anchor jacket in charcoal heather

Vans Anchor jacket in charcoal heather

I generally like DKNY stuff, and this is cute, but it might be too boxy on my big-bootied frame:

DKNY plaid

DKNY plaid

Then again, there’s always this one from Target (again):

Target French terry

Target’s French terry in coral

I don’t know if I should try for something shorter, or go with a long trench like last time. Or just, you know, stick with what I’ve already got and skulk about it. Probably the last thing, but it’s nice to think about.