Mix tapes!

Hey, look at that! You’ve got to give it to me for exhaustively cataloging my music taste for most of the last 6 years (and into the future, of course). I like it when things are orderly, at least online. You can see in the menu bar above, I’ve added “Monthly Mix Tapes” as an item, with a drop-down menu featuring all of the ones I’ve compiled over the years. On many of the mix tape pages, you can even have access to the embedded playlists as I’ve uploaded them to 8tracks. Yay! Eventually, I’ll have them all updated. Stay tuned!


Revampify Me

(wait, can I be revamped if I was never a vamp in the first place?)

So, I think that I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m tired of being a schlub.

When I was a kid and my mother was in control of my wardrobe, I was a fashion plate. I always wore the cutest outfits, had new clothes and shoes, the whole nine yards. Once I hit high school, I don’t know if it was teenaged rebellion or simply my internal (lazy) sense of self shining through, but my interest in being a presentable human specimen kind of fell by the wayside. I wore plain clothes, lots of band t-shirts, skate shoes, and concentrated my time and efforts on things that mattered to me, like reading, or listening to music, or watching movies, or frittering my time away on the burgeoning internet. I thought it was cool, that I cared so little about being a “girly girl” and instead focused my time and energy on shit that mattered. I didn’t wear makeup, I didn’t care about what clothes I was wearing, I didn’t do more than comb my hair at least once every few days. That was ME.

Well, guess what! Now I’m 31, and I still don’t know how to wear makeup. I wear the same (comfortable) shoes everyday. I cycle through the same (ill-fitting) pairs of pants and about 10 alternating (sack-like) tops for work. I take a shower every morning, comb my bangs to the side, get dressed, and leave the house. I am a schlub. I think I would like to stop being a schlub.

What does this mean?

  • I’d like to learn how to apply makeup to my face in a flattering way
  • I’d like to figure out clothing styles that are flattering to my body shape, and BUY SOME
  • Learn what to do with my hair (hopefully not too time-consuming)
  • Keep up a workout routine and make good food choices so that I can get to a more comfortable body weight

These changes are really going to come at a good time, when I’m moving into a career that involves wearing a uniform (scrubs) to work, so I’ll have even more motivation to look cute in my off-hours.



Sorry, everybody

It’s probably going to be pretty quiet over here for a while, but if you’re interested, come visit me at Seven Ten Clark, where I’m updating every single day with progress photos and descriptions of the work that I’m doing on my new house. I don’t think I’m going to have time to do much of anything else until we get moved in, and we have a LOT of work to do before we move.


Oh, internets

One of the downfalls of having the word “piss” in the title of your blog is having to see what search strings people were using when they came across it:

Now, I’m perfectly aware that there are genres of porn that involve peeing, and I’m even willing to bet that there are sub-niches within those genres that are enthralled by a woman who can have a long and drawn out urination session. But smelly? Who are these people?


The story behind the name

Yes, I know it’s actually spelled vinegar. I’m an ace speller, I swear (pls to be ignoring netspeak).

This story starts in the 5th grade. The spelling bee was coming up, and I was in fierce competition with my best friend/arch-nemesis, Natalie Patterson, to be our class’s representative in the event. I call her my arch-nemesis because we were involved in a constant fight over title of “Smartest kid in class”, and the ever-present partner to that title, “Teacher’s pet”. We both knew all of the answers to every question, and secretly delighted in the other’s failure, even though we spent every weekend having sleepovers and commiserating about which boys in class we would one day marry. It was the way of the world at that point in my life.

When my teacher, Mr. Wilkerson, announced that he’d be administering a spelling test to see who would get to participate in the bee, the entire class eyed Natalie and I, and we all knew the fight was on. I won out, but I think it may have been by just one word. I’m slick like that.

I honestly didn’t spend much time studying for the test, which was a running habit for me that continued through high school and would later prove to be my downfall in college. Spelling came easily to me, mostly because I had a knack for memorizing words and read pretty voraciously, which is the key to building the ridiculously large vocabulary that I have today. I don’t remember much about the spelling bee itself, except standing there on the stage in front of the 4th and 5th grade classes and spelling that word wrong. Sometimes, when given a word that I’m not on friendly spelling terms with, I try to visualize something I know the word is spelled on (for example, looking at that bottle of vinegar every time Easter came around and it was time to dye the eggs). This didn’t help that time, and in fact I knew I had spelled it wrong as soon as the -er came out of my mouth. The rules of the ‘bee are hard and fast, though, and I knew it was too late. The only other thing I remember about that day is the long walk of shame from the stage to the table my class was seated at, and the look of condolence given to me by my teacher. I might also remember some hateful glee coming from Natalie, but I could also be projecting from the future on that one.

In high school, my best friend Rachel and I decided to start a band, even though we both played clarinet and didn’t know any cool instruments. I think I had decided to play bass in this band, and Rachel was going to be the bitchin’ guitarist/lead singer. I insisted on the name Vineger for the band. We also had notebooks that we’d decorate and pass back and forth and sort of journal in, instead of writing notes to each other. We named them, and one was of course Vineger. So then, when it came time for me to purchase my first domain, I naturally went with this one.


I <3 WordPress

So here’s the site, up and mostly running again. I’ve taken quite a hiatus from having this place functional, and spent a lot of time at livejournal. I’ll still stick around there quite a bit (I do love it so), but mostly for commenting and reading my friends’ pages and communities. For real, honest to goodness content about my life, I’m going to try to make the transition to blogging here.

I’m hoping to be able to detail a wider variety of content here than I did back on LJ, like my crafty-bitch projects and cooking/baking fiascos. Interested? Keep reading!



I’m going to update this, make it cooler. Like James Brown’s Celebrity Hot Tub.



Upgrading to the newest version of Movable Type was a bitch, let me tell you. I was having problems with errors and getting things to load, etc, so I decided to browse the MT help forums to see if I could find some answers. What do you think I found? A post by me, made about a year ago, having IDENTICAL PROBLEMS installing MT the first time around.