Friday Link Flings

Friday Link Fling – June 28th

Best fucking name

  • This app, along with the others from its maker, looks super cute! I bet Clare will love them all.
  • I love all of these daguerreotypes of women breastfeeding their babies. I imagine it was hard keeping those babes still for the prints!
  • These look ridiculous. Nutella? And biscuits? I’m in.
  • I really love these huge astronomy prints. WANT.
  • Irish coffee ice cream? Holy crap. This is a good summer recipe. Perfect breakfast!
  • A feminist’s view on makeup. I like this.
  • This grilled poblano recipe is something I think Kevin would like.
  • I am extremely intrigued by the idea of roasted strawberries. In a milkshake? I’ll try it.
  • Chocolate. Stout. Cheesecake. Fudgesicle. YES.
  • A cronut? That’s ridiculous. I’d still eat it.

Today’s list is almost entirely food. NO REGRETS.