Summer Bucket List

Kaity, the YouTube mama behind the channel Katulka2 (and one of my favorites), started a tradition last summer of creating a “bucket list” of things that she and her family wanted to accomplish over the course of the season. Rather than being a stern to-do list of tasks, it became an exciting wish list of things they wanted to do, and checking things off the list was a joy rather than a chore. I want to make a similar list here, as a way to encourage me to stay productive and do wonderful things with my family during my little summer session before I begin the grind of graduate school. Here goes!

  • Read a fiction book
  • Can some food using our fancy new pressure canner
  • Get a nursing job
  • Clean my ridiculously messy office
  • Redesign this site
  • Knit SOMETHING (maybe a rug?)
  • Update my mixtape list
  • Have a garage sale
  • Take Clare to ride the rides at City Park
  • Get started on my Iowa City website project with Dawn and Ryan
  • Make at least one weekend getaway with my people
  • Have a Girls’ Weekend
  • Learn how to do a Sun Salutation by heart.

I may add to this list over the summer, but this is a good start. VIVA VERANO!


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