Spring jacket lust

I hate shopping for clothes for myself. Especially if they’re expensive clothes, regardless of whether they’ll last me forever or not. The last time I bought a new coat was from Target two springs ago, seen below:

Current spring trench

My current spring-y trench coat from Target

This coat is cute, and it still works, I guess. I kinda want something bright and new for spring, though. Especially something in coral…

Soia & Kyo's Martha in coral

Soia & Kyo’s Martha in coral

Or maybe something a little slumpy and army-ish:

Penfield Summer Anorak

Penfield Summer Anorak

This guy by Vans from Zappos is pretty cute, although I can’t testify as to the quality of anything from Vans anymore:

Vans Anchor jacket in charcoal heather

Vans Anchor jacket in charcoal heather

I generally like DKNY stuff, and this is cute, but it might be too boxy on my big-bootied frame:

DKNY plaid

DKNY plaid

Then again, there’s always this one from Target (again):

Target French terry

Target’s French terry in coral

I don’t know if I should try for something shorter, or go with a long trench like last time. Or just, you know, stick with what I’ve already got and skulk about it. Probably the last thing, but it’s nice to think about.


2 comments on “Spring jacket lust

  1. Dawn

    The last one, to me, screamed KARREY! Although I think you would look super cute in coral as well, so, them’s my two cents.

  2. Dawn

    Oh, and the army jacket is awesome and is just like Lindsay’s on “Freaks & Geeks” and now I totally want one.

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