New Set of Shades, Pt. 2

Okay, I’m still on the search for a good pair of glasses. I think I finally decided on the Sims frames from Warby Parker, but HEY, I’ve got more flex spending account money left after I buy those. I might as well buy MORE!

Whitney over at the Ugly Green Chair recently posted about getting some glasses from Fetch Eyewear, and upon reading that they also do home try-on, I had to check them out. I love the fact that they donate all of their profits to animal rescue, too! They totally know their target audience there. Their glasses are also only $125, which is slightly more expensive than Warby Parker, but they also seem to have a larger selection and many more color options.

Fetch Eyewear #1

Gretta in Mahogany

Fetch Eyewear #2

Felix in Onyx

Fetch Eyewear #3

Darby in Cameo Fade

Fetch Eyewear #4

Pepper in Cranberry Matte (I might like these better in Opal)

Fetch Eyewear #5

Tracy in Bittersweet

Fetch Eyewear #6

Sadie in Berber Crush

These frames felt much like the Warby Parker ones: well-made, substantial without being too heavy, and fitting my face well. I’ve had a run of bad luck with other online glasses sellers, with them selling me frames that are wayyyy too big for my head (and I’ve got a pretty big head!). I think the last ones, Sadie in Berber Crush, are the clear winners here. So, Sadie and Sims it is!


2 comments on “New Set of Shades, Pt. 2

  1. Autumn

    Wow! The Pink Darby glasses are adorable! I’m going to purchase them soon and I could not be more excited! BTW they look absolutely fabulous on you! <3

    1. Karrey

      Thanks! I think they’d make perfect sunglasses!

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