A Boob Juice Update!

Baby C had a pediatrician appointment yesterday, and we were pleased to find out that she’s now up to 10lbs 11oz! That’s over 4lbs gained since she was born, which is actually a little ahead of the curve of gaining a pound a month. She’s now moved up from the 10th percentile for her weight to the 25th, and we couldn’t be happier and more relieved!

Doc says 10lbs 11oz! Officially caught up!

With the blessing of her doctor, we’re going to start weaning her off of formula, straight over to solely breastmilk. I’m hoping we can make the full transition soon, but I need to keep working on getting my supply up so that she has enough bottle through the day. Right now, she’s getting two formula bottles and one breastmilk bottle while I’m at work, and then I breastfeed her through the evening and overnight. I’ve been pumping about two bottles-worth of milk during my workday the last week, and I’ve just been using the extra bottle to build up my freezer stash. I’ll be working my ass off, drinking tons of water and getting plenty of oatmeal and Brewer’s yeast and fenugreek, to up my production to 3-4 bottles pumped per day, so that I’ll be producing enough for her to eat and a little to freeze in case we need it later.

I’m going to post soon about some of the magical things I’ve been using to boost my production, so stay tuned!


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