Still Pregnant, and That’s Okay

39 weeks

This is what your body looks like on 39 weeks pregnant

Yes, I’m still pregnant.

I’ve actually been getting that a lot, that whole sad head nod, sympathetic tsk-noises, people asking me if I just want the baby out already thing. And honestly? Things aren’t really so bad. I’ve definitely not yet had any of those desperate flailing moments that I keep reading about other mothers having, where they just want to get the baby out as quickly as possible and can’t stand to be pregnant another moment, omg. No crying jags about how miserable I am, no temper tantrums about how the baby just won’t be reasonable and come out already, none of that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of discomforts. I posted about my back pain that I got help for from a chiropractor. I’ve been dealing with some gross-and-slightly-uncomfortable-swelling in my feet and hands. I’ve even been coping with a pretty debilitating complication of pregnancy that’s limited my mobility, and which I haven’t written about yet but probably should, so I will. Even through all of that, it’s never once crossed my mind that I want the baby to hurry up and be born, to resolve all of the issues pregnancy is causing me. In fact, I won’t mind if it comes a little late.

Keep cooking, baby! We’ve got a lot of shit to do before you arrive!


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