Seriously, weather?

39w weather

What is this happy horseshit? Was this kind of weather REALLY necessary for the very end of my pregnancy? Obviously, if I’d been a planner, I’d have scheduled my third trimester to happen during the blissful autumn season, instead of sweating like a beast and letting the 100+ degree heat lead my feet to balloon up like Barney Rubble scale models.

I’ve got an appointment today, with the “mean” midwife on my birth team. Some people like her, but mostly I’ve been hearing horror stories about how she makes snide comments about various things, like when the parents (married!) don’t have the same last name, or insinuating you’re a terrible person if you gain too much weight during your pregnancy. I can’t imagine how she’ll react to the fact that I started my pregnancy overweight, but I’ll hopefully have the presence of mind to let her know she’s being rude if she does so.

I’m bringing in a hard copy of our birth plan (I’ll probably post it later), one bullet point of which specifically references something we heard about an experience with this midwife, where the couple delivering felt as though they weren’t permitted to push in any position other than lying back, reclined, sort of in the “traditional” position. Part of the reason why I wanted to work with midwives is that they’re more accepting of positions that are ideal for the mother and situation, including squatting, side-lying, being on all-fours, or whatever, so hearing about that experience with this midwife was startling to me. We’ll see if she says anything about it.

Update: She definitely wasn’t as bad as I had been led to believe she’d be, but she did spend the most time during the visit talking about my weight. My BP was in the 130s/80s, baby’s heartrate was in the 120s, and my total weight gain this pregnancy has been 22lbs.

 She kept referring to me as “fluffy”, and said that heavier women have more trouble going into labor on their own, and that since I’m  “Bradley girl”, she knows I want as few interventions as possible, so she wanted me to be walking 2+ miles per day, or swimming the equivalent, to get my body primed and start things moving. So, we’ve got our final Bradley session tonight, and afterwards (thankfully after dark), my partner and I will be taking a nice long walk around our neighborhood.


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