So much to do!

Productivity moleskine

The heat is on. The heat of less-than-5-weeks-until-the-due-date, anyway. And the due date is just a reference point, not a hard-and-fast rule! ARGLE BARGLE! We’ve got soooo much to do and so little time to do it!

The main project we’re trying to get accomplished before the baby comes is to have the floors refinished, and this project has already been a clusterfuck and a half, which I’ve detailed here. We had a whole list of things that would have been really nice to finish up beforehand, but with me being in school and us being scattered and everything taking more time than we thought it would, we’ve had to whittle that list WAY DOWN. So, floors it is.

Kevin and I are very into making to-do lists to be able to keep track of what needs to be done and to be able to check things off as we go along. We’d settled on regular notebook paper, but he complained last week that our lists keep getting lost, and that we don’t have a centralized spot to refer to, instead of a bunch of looseleaf sheets floating around getting lost. Following Tanie’s lead, I decided to invest in a ruled moleskine that was small enough to fit into my purse all the time, and that’s what you see above. It’s been BRILLIANT. Menus, shopping lists, to-do lists, things to add to the baby registries that I add to when I think of things…it’s magical. We also hung a dry erase calendar, and I’ve been copying our current to-do lists onto that board so that we keep up with it there, too.

Here’s our list for this week:

  • Finish arched wall
  • Pull up staples in floors
  • Remove all baseboards
  • Send save the date cards to printers
  • Hang more lights on the patio
  • Straighten up/organize basement
  • Take back returns (Target, Ace Hardware)
  • Move office furniture to basement
  • Paint back bedrooms
  • Move baby gifts to basement
  • Mow lawn
  • Change kitty litter
  • Make cheesecakes for work
  • Take care of donate pile in basement
  • Buy birdseed (Thiessens)



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