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Baby’s first pair of shoes! It’s probably a little premature, but come on! We found these at a garage sale today for 50¢, so basically we had to buy them. The same garage sale had baby Keens, but I figured we should stop at one pair. For now.

Hello, garage sales! I have the feeling that it’s going to be really difficult not to buy entire swaths of clothes and toys at garage sales this summer, so I really think we should pace ourselves. Plus, we’ve got that whole baby shower thing coming up. Speaking of that, do you have any advice for what to put on the registries? I’m kind of skeeved out by registries to begin with, because gift-grubbing seems weird and resentment-making. But at the same time, I don’t mind having parties, and people are probably going to buy us stuff, so why not have a list of things we need, right? We went to Target today to play with that little barcode scanner thing, and I’ve been working on an Amazon list, and we both felt kind of lost. Like, we know we’ll eventually need bottles when I go back to work after maternity leave, but what kinds of bottles is it going to like? And we need a car seat and crib, but HOLY CRAP those things are expensive! And so on and so forth.

Honestly, I’d love to get most of our stuff secondhand and from places like Etsy, and I know a lot of things we’re just not going to know we need until after the baby comes. But really, do you have any words of wisdom for things that we’ll need and won’t need? Please share!


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  1. Meggan

    My first piece of advice is buy the deals at garage sales when you see them! Snatch up those keens because when it’s time to buy the size you need, you won’t find it. Buying ahead of time has saved us tons of money! What I’ve learned is that kids really don’t need half of the toys/gadgets/items that are out there. Go for quality, not quantity. When you get a few things you really love and really love to look at, it’s so much better than staring down a mountain of infant overstimulation. But, they do need a few things…first, get a swing that goes front to back and side to side. Babies like options! The papasan swings are great. Born Free bottles are wonderful, they may even make a glass version now?. You have fabulous taste, so have fun with it and let us all spoil you! Love you!

    1. Karrey

      Thanks for the tips, Meggan! I’m really kicking myself over not picking up those Keens, but I’m planning on garage saling in earnest starting this weekend. Bring on the unisex onesies and all of the hipster clothes and toys that I’m bound to find around these parts!

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