Garage sale haul!

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This weekend was pretty righteous, as far as garage sale hauls go. I managed to swindle my way into getting a bunch of stuff that’s pretty awesome (and cute to boot!) for not very much money. Setting out with $40 and my pal Alicia of Culinary Bliss, we started relatively late in the garage sale game, around 8am, and decided to hit two different city-wide garage sales: one in University Heights, a self-contained little community surrounded on all sides by Iowa City; and North Liberty, a little suburb to the north, who also happened to be having their “Fun Days”, a yearly event with carnival rides and a car show.

There wasn’t a ton to be found in UH, although Alicia uber-scored with lots of pricey, barely-worn shoes for $20. I would have been fighting her for some of them if they’d been in my size! North Liberty proved to be the best place for me, though, with several mostly-baby sales. I manage to pick up, as seen above:

  • a Bright Starts bouncer seat
  • an LL Bean bag that’ll work really well as a diaper bag
  • a toddler down comforter with a really cute flannel hippo duvet cover, and a flannel receiving blanket
  • two trays for storing breastmilk in the freezer in an organized way
  • a Boppy (courtesy of Alicia, thanks!) and a bag of bottles

I managed to score all of that for $18.25. Can you believe it?! It might seem a little silly to those of you who are either well-versed at the magic of garage sales, or who couldn’t give two shits about good deals on baby stuff, but I’ve officially gotten the taste for (garage sale) blood. My baby shower is next weekend, so we’ll see what kind of awesome stuff we’re given then, and then after that, the GAME IS ON.

Oh yeah, we stopped by a barn sale outside of town today and picked up this little bit of awesomeness for a very unbelievable deal of a price, too:


I can’t wait to see what we do with it!


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