Pumpkin Cream Pie

Who has two thumbs and needs a goddamned party? THIS GUY. I’m feeling incredibly burned out from school, and our next break where we don’t have any is the week of Thanksgiving. I’m not one for celebrating oppression of native peoples or the practical extermination of a population, but I can get behind FOOD. So I’m going to have a few of my friends over for some festivities to keep us away from the shopping centers on the day after Turkey Day. And because the people who will be joining us on this day are vegetarian/vegan, planning a feast for the group gets even easier!




We’ll probably end up with some cranberry sauce out of a can (Kevin’s favorite) and some bagged stuffing (also Kevin’s favorite). WOW. That’s a lot of food! I hope my friends show up hungry! I should probably start stocking up on leftovers containers now. And maybe I should start doing my research on how to make things ahead/simultaneously. Yeah.


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