Glasses glasses glasses!

Last year, I bumped my Flex Spending account up to $600 for the year to buy a nice pair of glasses (and got a lovely pair of Lafont cat-eye frames out of the deal, at the VERY LAST MOMENT), and stupid me, I forgot to change it back down again for this year. So! I’ve got a wad of money to spend on glasses again! Something led me to check out Coastal Contacts, and man oh man, I’m yearning.

Dior 3197

Love L741 in Raspberry

Love L741 in Black Passion Fruit

Derek Cardigan 7005 in BlackLove L747 in Black

Love L747 in Black

I think I might be leaning toward the Dior frames, with the clear bottoms. I love them all, obviously, but they’re a little further from my norm than the rest. Maybe I should start branching out from cat-eye? It works for my face shape, I think, but does it get tired?

We’re also making a trip to Chicago sometime before the end of the year, partially to visit See Eyewear. I’m honestly pretty wary of buying frames without trying them on first, since my eye and nose placement make it kind of difficult to find glasses that aren’t too low. I wish See and Coastal had a home try-on program like Warby Parker! That would be awesome. And it’s too bad that I’m not really drawn to any Warby Parker frames, because that would be damned convenient.


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