Detox: Day 1

Dreamy Coconut

I needed this at the end of the day

So yeah, I started my detox today, after not planning for it WHATSOEVER, OMG. Guess what! There’s dairy/eggs/grains in everything! Here’s what I ate, figuring it out on the fly:

  • Breakfast: Mixed fresh fruit cup, banana, coffee with soymilk
  • Lunch: Big-assed salad, with romaine lettuce and spinach, fresh mushrooms, peas, carrots, sunflower seeds
  • Snack: Scoop of peanut butter
  • Dinner: Grilled squash and onions
  • Snack: A few spoonfuls of this guy over here to the left, nrom

Today was a bad day. Thankfully, I didn’t try to go without my coffee, too. Last week, I ate Cheerios and organic 2% milk every day for breakfast, and it held me over nicely until around 1pm every day (I’m one of those crazy people who likes eating a very late lunch). Today, I was really starting to get hungry at around 11:30, although I was able to make it until 12:30 to eat. I’m guessing a part of it was the lack of fat/protein at breakfast, which is making me rethink the vegan part, since I really love eating eggs in the morning. Maybe I’ll just cut dairy? Ugh. Don’t want to fail at this thing after one day, but don’t know if it’s sustainable.

Do you see this disorganized, scattered thinking? Yeah, this was basically me all day. It’s hard to tell if it’s withdrawal from grains and dairy, or if it’s just low blood sugar. I’d better get on planning for tomorrow.

Edit: After tallying it up, my calorie count for the day was only 1,015. Yeahhhh, that’s not enough. My protein was at about half of what it should have been, which is not good, either. No wonder I feel like crap.


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