Bag fetish

I think I’ve got a problem. A hoarding problem. A hoarding problem concerning bags. Thank goodness my tastes (or, rather, my self-limitations) run toward the cheaper end of the spectrum where bags are concerned. I’ve got a long history of carrying little Dickies purses, or big army-green cotton satchels. Right now, I’m using a nice big grey dealie from Kinies on etsy. But now, suddenly, I’m struck with a yearning for something a little more expensive:


Isn’t that glorious? I love so many Orla Kiely items, but this one is really screaming at me. Of course, it’s not available from her USA store, but I can get it from OneLittleBox via Amazon for, um, $240+shipping. That’s a lot of money. I love it, but do I need it? Of course not.

Sigh. Why do I always find really awesome things that I want to buy when funds are low?


2 comments on “Bag fetish

  1. Marie

    OMG I love Orla Kiely!!!! Cheaper ripoffs are available in the Fossil Keyper collection, but OMG ORLA.

    1. Karrey

      SRSLY. Orla is totally worth getting the real deal.

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