I’m looking for a rug

We’re trying to find a replacement rug for our living room, and I’m finding it a little difficult to locate one that won’t break the bank but will also leave the room open to future design choices. The rug we currently have in the living room is some cheapie deal that Kevin probably bought for $20 at Wal-Mart. It’s a neutral blue and is about 6’x4′. It’s also thinner than hell and doesn’t do much in the way of acting like padding for our feet or keeping us warm from the cooler hardwood floors.

As far as decor in the room, we’re hoping to slowly replace all of the more “college apartment” items with things in a more retro vein. So far, we’ve gotten rid of a super junky couch (hope you’re enjoying it, Sarah!) and replaced it in the room with a great little bookcase with angled legs. We also replaced a gross reclining chair that wasn’t used by anyone except the cats with my fabulous red ikea chair (which has since been discontinued and of which I can’t find a picture online).

A better place to start would probably be to decide what kind of color scheme we’d like to go with in the future, but that’ll probably be dictated by whatever couch we end up with. Our current couch is DEFINITELY not our style, and the only reason we have it now is because it was free and we don’t have a replacement yet. I think my ideal couch would be one of those that’s sort of like a sectional, only with a chaise lounge-type thing instead of an arm of the couch. Because of the unknowns, it’s probably better to go with a more neutral-colored rug that’ll go with anything. This one looks fun:


I’d kind of like to bump up to the next size, though, which is 5’x8′. We tried looking at Menards, but their selection of cheap rugs was pretty gross.

Seen any neat rugs lately?


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