Greetings! My name is Karrey, and I live in quite possibly the coolest town in Iowa. We’ve got the perfect combination of progressive citizens, diverse sociological groups, music scenes, and stimulating cultural whatevers. We also get the full range of seasons here, although autumn is miserably short.

I am into:

  • DIY crafting
  • vintage scooters
  • mid-century home decorating
  • baking (although I’m getting into actual cooking now, too)
  • indie rock music
  • my cats
  • making lists
  • taking pictures
  • discovering interesting crap on the internet
  • exploring my spirituality, which leans towards the nature-y

Some things I’ll be sharing on this site:

  • scootering adventures
  • the great things I do in Iowa City
  • the long process of decorating my little house
  • pictures of just about everything
  • becoming an adult (no, 31 is not too late for that)

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