Hurricane Sandy Relief

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My heart is aching for those affected by Hurricane Sandy, but being landlocked in Iowa and having a new baby, I unfortunately can’t pick up and fly out to the east coast to help out in the relief efforts (even though my background as an AmeriCorps alum ensures that that’s my kneejerk urge whenever things like this happen). Since I’m stuck here, I tried to find other ways I could help out.

Thanks to Anna at Door Sixteen, I was directed to this post on Sweet Fine Day, which gives a view on the destruction that got lost in the uproar over the elections (yay Obama, by the way!). At the bottom of the post is a list of local organizations and efforts that are directly benefiting those affected by the disaster, which is apparently the way to go about helping them the fastest, since Red Cross funds aren’t necessarily getting to where they’re needed quickly enough. From there, I donated via the Occupy Sandy Amazon wishlist, using my Prime membership to make sure things got delivered quickly. I also contributed to the NYC Food Truck Association, which is currently out in full-force, feeding Sandy victims for free.

I’m sad I can’t be there in person to help out with the efforts, but I’m happy to do some small part to send things that are needed and spread the word about the awesome things that are going on.

Help out if you can!

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