New set of shades

Now that we’re getting towards the end of the year, I’m once again on the search for a new pair of glasses. My trek last year ended with me getting these bad boys, which I actually don’t wear on a regular basis:

I'm not sure if I like my new glasses or not. What do you think?
They pinch my nose, and I think they come down too far on my cheeks and make my eyes look tiny, like a mole.

This year, I finally decided to try out Warby Parker glasses. I’ve known about them for ages, but in the past I haven’t ever seen any pairs that really grab me. They’ve got a very limited selection, but pretty good prices, and I’ve always loved the fact that they allow a home try-on before you buy. Trying on glasses is the best part of the process! Anyway, when I saw that Anna from Door Sixteen bought a pair of glasses from them, I decided to give the home try-on a shot.

Current daily-wear glasses
First, here are my daily-wear glasses. These are Lafont (one of my favorite glasses makers) in Dallas 702.
Warby Parker #1
Zagg, in Tennessee Whiskey
Warby Parker #2
This model is Sims, in Burgundy Fade.
Warby Parker #3
Crosby in Burgundy Fade (I liked that color, evidently)
Warby Parker #4
Winston in Lunar Fade
Warby Parker #5
Ugh. These are the Fillmore in Hazelwood.

What do you guys think? I don’t like the Fillmores at all, they’re too stuffy. I want to like the Crosby and Winston, but they’re just so huge! I guess that’s all the rage right now, but meh. Not on me. So, I think it’s a toss-up between the Sims and the Zagg. I have this problem where glasses sit too far down on my nose, so that the top of the frames are almost level with my eyes. As you can see, this is even a problem with my current pair. This doesn’t seem to be the case with the Sims frames, which is awesome! It’s a slight problem with the Zagg ones, which makes me sad, because they’re definitely more interesting than the Sims.

Overall, the glasses seem very well-made. They’re sturdy without being too heavy. I’m not sure how they’ll look with my actual coke-bottle lenses in them, but with a $95 pricetag you can’t really beat it. If only they were made in the USA rather than China, they’d be just about perfect.

Do I go for boring but fitting well on my face, or do I go for too low but more interesting to look at? This is pretty much my eternal dilemma.

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