Let the swelling begin!

Cankles :(

Oh, pregnancy. You’re killing me!

So, I’ve started to swell. I’d say that it really started in my hands, or at least my right hand, my mousing hand. In healthcare, we call it “dependent edema”, which means you start retaining water in places that sit in the same spot for long periods of time below the level of your heart. So, the first I noticed, the ring I always wear on my right hand got tighter and tighter, until I finally had to stop wearing it. This made me sad, but honestly, if this was the worst of it, I was going to be okay.

Then about two weeks ago, kinda suddenly my ankles/feet started ballooning! The picture above doesn’t even really show the worst of what I’ve been dealing with since then. Kevin is seriously creeped out by how big they get, my ankles particularly. So, I’ve been trying to get up and get moving during the day, working major muscle groups in my legs to try to encourage blood to get moving in them and pull some of that water back out. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I really need to get to the pool, since it helps with swelling and makes me feel dynamite anyway, with the whole “taking the load off” thing.

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