Pregnancy Pains

Yeah, that's a babyWell, I’m now 26 weeks along. Maybe it’s about time I started writing about this whole pregnancy thing.

I’ve gotten to that point in my pregnancy where I can’t sleep on my back any longer. I mean, technically I was supposed to stop lying on my back at night starting way back at 20 weeks or before, but I’d still do it every once in a while with no ill effects. You’ve got a couple of pretty major blood vessels that run down your back, and once you get to the point where your uterus, which is normally about the size of an avocado, is so jam-packed full of fetus that it’ll cut off circulation in those vessels if it’s allowed to press on them, you simply can’t lie that way any longer. Boo, hiss.

Being a mixed back/side/stomach sleeper, I’ve needed a bit of pillow support, and my mom very generously contributed a Snoogle to my “situation”. That thing is AWESOME. When I have the long part of the C shape behind my back, I”m able to sort of roll to my back without actually lying directly flat, which does a lot to help alleviate pressure on my hips.

SPEAKING OF HIPS! According to the tenets of “optimal fetal positioning“, I’m supposed to be lying on my left side as much as possible in order to encourage the baby to stick in the correct position for a easier childbirth. My left hip is not very pleased with this notion. It’s gotten to the point where I’m hobbling around at the end of the day, and then hobbling around when I get up in the mornings after sleeping on my hips all night. I finally broke down and made a chiropractic appointment, something I’ve always been skeptical of and never utilized. I finally decided that, since my insurance covers the visits with a $10 copay, I might as well try it. If it ends up being bunk, I shouldn’t be any worse off than I was before.

I got a referral to Dr. Kyle Deden at Washington Street Chiropractic. Dr. Deden was AWESOME. Very personable, very willing to listen to my complaints and give me thoughtful feedback on the possibilities for my various aches and pains. He was even very accepting of my worries about him manipulating my neck, and told me he’d let me lead him on whether I ended up wanting adjustment after being helped in other areas. I really, really appreciated the way he seemed to adjust his descriptions of anatomy/physiology/pathology after I told him that I”m a nursing student, too.

He performed some adjustments to my middle-back and hips, during which I groaned embarrassingly. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who does that.) We started slow for the first session, with the plans for me to come back three times the next week. I let him know that my insurance will only cover 12 visits, and he explained that, while he didn’t figure we’d need that many, in case we did, he can either submit a care plan explaining the need for more visits to the insurance company, or else he could work out a sliding scale payment plan for me. I can dig this.

Let me tell you, I was FUCKING SORE for the rest of the day. Like, barely able to move from the couch sore. I felt terrible, and Dr. Deden warned me this might be the case. For the past month or so, I’d been waking up several times during the night with terrible pain in whatever hip I was lying on, and would have to change sides (and usually pee). That night, though, I woke up at 5am to pee and realized I hadn’t been woken up by hip pain at all. VICTORY.

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