I went to the gym last night at 10pm, spent 30 minutes on a recumbent stationary bike and rode about 5.3 miles, and then jumped on a treadmill and walked @3.0mph for 20 minutes, with five intermittent intervals of jogging @4.5mph. This was my second time jogging on the treadmill this week (or, uh, ever I guess), and I could already tell that my refractory period between jogs was shrinking. My body is adapting! It’s kind of amazeballs the way that works.

Also, my first time jogging, when I was done, my head felt full and tight, as though my brain wanted to burst out of my skull. This feeling continued for the rest of the night, and I’m pretty sure it meant that my intracranial pressure was high. This is also the feeling I get when my blood pressure is high, although not in such a sustained pattern as that night. So, I think my BP was probably high for the rest of the night following that first run. Not so last night! The body, and its ability to adapt, are miraculous.

Don’t ask me why I waited until so late to work out. I need to cut that shit out. I feel great today, though! Not really any soreness, not too tired, not too hungry.

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